Thursday, 18 October 2012

Woodware - Monochromatic Red

This week we are using a monochromatic colour scheme with red as our main colour. I don't use much red but after making this simple Christmas card I might make a few as they are easy to batch.
I decided to use this lovely Dreamweaver stencil "JOY". I was initially going to do a paper piecing job on it, but then I changed my mind and decided to keep it very simple.

I used normal embossing paste on the stencil then covered with fine red glitter. The white background was embossed with a larger Dreamweaver snowflake background. You can't fully appreciate the sparkle in this picture, but it really does catch the light. This will be my minimal Christmas card for this year. But I think I will try it in some other colours as well. 

I am having a bit of a break from stamping at the moment. I have been sewing!!! I have nearly finished a patchwork craft bag. I will put it on my blog when it's finished. My husband just commented that it doesn't look like a bag I have made!!! That is a compliment from him.
Hope you are having a good week. Already I am looking forward to the weekend and Strictly Come Dancing and a glass of wine.
Siobhan x


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Siobhan x

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