Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Circle Journal

I promised to share my circle journal with you once it was completed. Our group of nine each chose a theme for their own journal. We all designed the cover, rules and introduction and then completed the first two pages. Every month or six weeks we met for coffee in Perth for a catch up and to pass the journals on to the next person. Last month we met for a meal to return the journals to the original owner.
It was a very enjoyable thing to do, especially as a way to keep in touch and we have something special at the end of it.
So here is my journal. I chose Natural History as my theme (no surprises there!!) and this is what I got back at the end:

This is my cover

Then I typed up my rules. I tried to keep them easy!!
I made my two pages next. I love ravens so decided to base my pages on the Crow family and learnt a few things along the way.

The next page was made by lovely Sue who knows I also love dragonflies. The pocket on the RH page had two tags with dragonfly facts on them. I love the colours and all the details.

Next up was Elizabeth who chose butterflies for her pages. I love the colours of these pages and the crackled butterfly in the ornate frame.

Then came Erin, Sue's daughter. Erin used to come to classes at the shop with her Mum at an early age and it has been lovely to see her style develop over the years.

Next up is Isobel. She lives on a farm and chose these lovely images of sheep for her layout. Isobel is probably the least experienced in our group but did a superb job on everyone's pages.

Then comes Lin. Her pages are always soft and gentle. She chose thistles for her pretty pages. The thistles in the middle are actually cut out from one of the paper bags we used in the shop. Lin worked with me in the shop for several years and helped me keep my sanity at times!!

Next is my friend Liz. She did this gorgeous layout based on owls. It even includes a booklet that tells me about all the British species of owls. I love the colours she has used.

The next two pages were from the lovely Lynne. She is such a busy lady who often works long hours. When I saw these pages I burst out laughing. One day her pages will come.....and I am sure they will be worth the wait!! Lynne has a love of elephants and I just knew this would be her theme.

Then last but definitely not least are the pages from Maggie. I love her style and she also has a great love of nature. The colours she has used are gorgeous and I love the use of Frantage embossing powders for texture. She too has included a little booklet on facts about sea horses.

The back of the journal had a pocket for tags where everyone wrote a little their pages.

I was so impressed at the effort everyone went too and now I have a lovely keepsake of all these friends work. We hope to meet up after Christmas and embark on another project.
I hope you enjoy looking at the journal and perhaps it might inspire you to do something with a group of your crafting buddies.
Siobhan x



  1. What a fantastic journal and so lovely that everyone had a turn to add their own piece.x

  2. This is lovely Siobhan, so many people with so much talent!


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