Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Graduation Day

Tomorrow is my daughter's graduation. She has just finished her degree in Fine Art. I really don't know where the last 4 years have gone. It seems like only a short time ago we helped her move into Halls for her first year. I will post the proud mother and daughter photo later. Many of out Stampaholics customers knew Catriona so might like to see the pictures!!

So this has been a bit of a hectic week. As I haven't had time to do much crafting I will show you the quick cards I made for Catriona and her boyfriend Sean's graduation. I hope to get some time to craft at the weekend (if my hubby doesn't drag me into the garden).

Card for Catriona

Card for Sean


  1. Fab,love them both! Have a great day tomorrow! Have you timeto catxh up for coffee on Sat?

  2. Hi Siobhan,
    These are beautiful cards in elegant style. Please enjoy yourself at the graduation - you must be very proud.
    Fiona x

  3. Love both cards. Have a great day, remember to take the tissues - you will need them!!XX

  4. These are gorgeous, Siobhan ! Please pass on my congrats to them both - wow, can't believe that they are finished, as you say !! have a wonderful day at the ceremony ! Glad you had a good hol - 4 more teaching days to go ... !!!


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