Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Meltdown

Well I had my annual Christmas meltdown yesterday. My husband Graham is still recovering from a hernia operation and is neither use nor ornament at the moment. It's not his fault of course, but in my stressed and tired state my brain won't quite accept this. After a morning of Christmas shopping, supermarket shopping, cleaning and making soup I decided to haul the tree and decorations out of the loft. A pleasant hour or so dressing the tree and I would be all relaxed ready for Strictly Come Dancing ......
or so I thought. But due to a bad design I could not get the tree to stand straight. Two hours later I am still trying to fix the base. When I eventually managed to fix that my new tree lights did not have an end where I could start winding them from the top of the tree down. They were in a loop and I managed to get in a complete fankle trying to get them on the tree. Probably designed by a man. By this time I sat on the floor and burst into tears. I was ready to throw the whole lot, tree and all in the bin and cancel Christmas..... My thoughts go out to stressed women every where tasked with the responsibility of organising Christmas.
By the time I get to Christmas Day and get the dinner on the table, I think I will go to bed and sleep until Boxing Day!! I think I am definitely becoming a grumpy old woman.

I thought I would share this card with you. It was a friends birthday this week and she has a little house rabbit called Millie. So this old Penny Black stamp seemed to be the perfect choice!! It was nice too to make something other than Christmas.

Looking forward to sitting down now for the Strictly results show. The dancing last night was brilliant. They are all so good!!
Have a good week.
Siobhan x


  1. Oh I know just how you feel, I've decided to throw my tree out after Christmas and just have a fibre optic one! I hate those lights in a loop they are just ridiculous.... Love your card with the cute bunnies

  2. Hi Siobhan, I feel your pain. The Christmas organisation is left to me every year. Must admit I am ready to just sit and relax now. Lovely card. Hope you get to sit a while and enjoy the festivities . Take care. Tracy x


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Siobhan x

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