Friday 12 July 2019

Workshop Coming Up - Saturday 20th July

I have a new workshop coming up at McOyster Crafts in Cupar next Saturday 20th July. I have been asked several times for more technique based classes. So I have designed a few classes called "Stretch Your Stamps". The idea is to use one stamp or stamp set in a few different ways. Its something I used to do myself when I had time. I would make at least 6 cards with one main stamp using a different technique for each. These days I am lucky if I have time to make one card!!
So this has been a good challenge for me and if this workshop goes well then I plan to do more.

This class is called "Stretch Your Stamps - Negative Image Stamps".
I have chosen this flower head from Imagination Crafts. The techniques will work with lots of other stamps that have a negative image. That is where the background is solid and the image has been carved out.

We will make 3 cards on this workshop. 

1. Ombre Effect with Dye Inks

2. Using Bleach for a Monochromatic Effect

 3.  Painting with Embossing Powder

If you are interested in joining us please get in touch with McOyster Crafts in Cupar to book a place.
Keep crafting!!
Siobhan xx

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