Monday 20 July 2020

Lockdown Project

Hello friends

What a strange year it has been so far. I hope you have all managed to keep your health and sanity throughout lockdown. I have been working throughout this time. It was quite daunting at first having to wear so much PPE and not knowing if your patients had Covid or not. Some of our patients were positive for the virus but required lung scans. But after a while it just became part of our job and we got on with it. Thankfully in Tayside we are seeing very few new cases and I hope it stays that way.

I wanted to do something for myself during lockdown. I wanted to try my hand at art journalling but I am not "arty". So I decided to pick a theme and start a stamping journal. I wanted it to be a sort of catalogue of my favourite stamps and quotes etc. I also thought it might kick start me to see a stamp and use it to make a card.

I have now completed about 12 pages and it has been an enjoyable project. I have found stamps I had forgotten all about and used them in my pages. It has been a great way to unwind and be creative at the same time. My theme is nature (No surprise there for anyone that knows me).

Here are some of my pages:

 I love small birds so this had to be my first page. Most of these stamps are from Crafty Individuals.

 I bought this Stampers Anonymous set some time ago and had never used it. I love the ant walking across the page!

 This was my favourite page early on. I took Geology as subject in my first year at uni, because I had an interest in fossils. I was so disappointed to find that we only had one lecture on fossils!! Again I bought an Andy Skinner set with fossil images and this was the first time I used it. Why do we do that!!!

 I live near the river Almond in Perth and I regularly see our resident heron. Such a beautiful bird. So I had to have a page to honour it. 

Thats all for now. I will share more next time.
Take care and stay safe.

Siobhan xx

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