I love taking photos of wildlife, flowers etc. When I retire I am going to invest in a really good camera and learn how to use it. In the meantime I just have my little digital camera and I take it with me everywhere. Occasionally I manage to take a half decent photo.

Sea, sky and Alfie - harris 2010

Silhouette of Waxwings, Perth 2010
White Foxglove
Mannel in Tiree
Waxwings in rowan tree in our garden, Nov 2010
Toad - Glen Etive
Flower in our garden
Waders in Tiree

Oak Tree - November 2010
A favourite picnic spot, Glen Nevis
King Cups - Harris June 2010
Fulmar - Tiree 2009
Wild Orchid - Harris, June 2010
Fairy Toadstools Ireland 2011

Flag Iris - Harris 2010

Fungus - Kinoull Woods, Perth

Merganser - River Tay

 Dad's Wood


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