Tuesday 25 August 2020

Stampaholics Rewound

 Hi Crafting Friends

I hope you are all safe and well. Even though lockdown restrictions are easing things do feel far from normal. I know that personally I won't feel comfortable flying anywhere for sometime. Whilst I am more than happy to holiday in Scotland, it means that is not so easy to go to Ireland to see my family. 

As some of you know I have led occasional workshops at my local craft shop McOyster Paper Crafts for about 3 years now. Adrian has been able to reopen the shop but unfortunately there will be no physical workshops for sometime. So I have ventured tentatively into the world on on-line tutorials. 

Having had my own shop Stampaholics in Perth, I know only too well how hard it is to keep going in a very competitive market place. Whilst it is so easy to buy products on line, nothing is better than going into a proper craft shop. Its a great place to meet like minded people, be inspired by samples and take part in workshops. Cupar is 40 mins away from where I live but it is the only craft shop left in my area. Hence I wanted to help Adrian if I could by posting craft videos using products that he stocks to give some inspiration and techniques on how to use them. Adrian's Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/McOysterPaperCraftsAtPolesApart 

It's early days and I am still finding my feet. But in time we plan to offer proper workshops on line and even live!! I am not quite ready for that yet. I have also set up my own Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StampaholicsRewound which will have some of the same tutorials but also using stamps that I love that are not available at McOyster Crafts.

We are very open to feedback, suggestions and comments. I hope you enjoy what we are trying to do.

Keep crafting.    Siobhan xx



  1. How beautiful you have made it
    I started following you.
    I had to make a new blog, I couldn't post the old one on fb anymore
    Would you like to follow me too?

  2. Thanks for your passion and insight in making this blog so informative


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate them.
Siobhan x

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