Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Circle Journal

I think I mentioned before being in a circle journal group. At the time I was still running my shop Stampaholics and I never really had time to craft for myself. So I am looking to start another group of 6 to 8 crafters who would like to join together create a Circle Journal. I was hoping to start it early Autumn and finish up in the Spring next year. So that would give anyone interested time to think about it. Here are the pages I made for Lin's journal (one of our original group) for an idea of what we did. Lin chose "Circle of Friendship" as her theme.

Left Hand Page
Right Hand Page

The way we did it the first time was for all the individual members of the group to pick a theme. We had already picked 8 x 8 as the size. We then made the covers and introduction and rules page. We also made the first double page spread in our chosen theme. When we met up the journals got passed on to another group member. It was upto us to then design the next two pages in the theme picked by the owner of the journal that you had been given. Are you still with me!!! Although a challenge, it was a lovely to end up with a journal made by your friends.
If anyone is interested why not post a comment and I can get in touch.


  1. Siobhan, As you already know I would like to be a member of the circle journal. For a while now I have done very little crafting for myself at all... with work and family/home commitments it has been so easy to go from one week to another planning in my head various projects but not actually organising my time well enough to start any of them (unfortunately I do need to sleep!). I am determined this summer to get back into the habit of regularly taking time out for myself and making use of all my supplies. The circle journal is a great idea and I've no doubt it will be challenging but often that is when we are most inspired.

  2. Hi Liz
    I had hoped you would still be up for the journal idea. Linda Turner also wants to do it, so that's three of us so far.
    Let's get together sometime to plan what we are going to do!!

  3. Hi Siobhan
    Thanks for your email - didn't realise I could feed your fish. Have now fed them so much- I hope you don't have to clean their tank!
    Isobel x

  4. Hi Siobhan,

    Would love to be a member of the circle journal. Please count me in. Liz Y

  5. Hi Liz
    That's great. That is us upto 5 now. Perhaps we should finish our pages for the first journal!!

  6. Hi Siobhan - I think I'd be up for it... ! What do you think the turn around time would be, about a month ? I could do that ... ! If you are still looking for people, I'd like to be considered !
    Happy Easter !
    Margaret C

  7. Hi Margaret
    That's wonderful that you want to join our circle journal. Last time we tried to meet monthly and that was just to exchange journals, have a catch-up etc. It's a great way to stay in touch!!
    So can I count you in? If you could pop off a quick e-mail to siobhanfyffe@gmail.com I can set up a group e-mail so I can let you know more details.
    Happy Easter

  8. Hi Siobhan, sorry for not getting in touch sooner, but I've returned to school after 3mo out with a flare-up of Chronic Fatigue. I think I WILDLY over-estimated how knackered I'd be ( and I'm only doing a phased return right now... ) so I think it would be unfair to take on the circle journal without being 100% convinced I wouldn't let people down. I'm sorry - it would DEFINITELY be something I would be interested in sometime in the future but I guess I need to focus on managing the boring bit that pays for the fun bit right now!

    Loving your blog and seeing all your inspiring art. It's like a mini tut every time I visit !!

    Take care, Margaret C xx

  9. Hi Siobhan,

    I'd love to be part of your Circle Journal group....I had so much fun doing it the last time (even though some of the themes were quite challenging for me!).

    I really need the challenge to get those creative juices flowing again, and as you say it's a great way to keep connected!

    Lin xx


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate them.
Siobhan x

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