Friday, 1 April 2011

Welcome to my Blog

Yes, I have finally decided to take the plunge and start blogging. For those of you who know me from Stampaholics in Perth, this is where I plan to show what I have been doing crafting wise.
So far not alot but hopefully that is about to change.
I am hoping it will be a way of keeping in touch with so many of the talented customers I got to know through running Stampaholics.

This was one of my favourite cards from the workshops last year. 
So I thought I would start with this one.
I love nature inspired images, and this card embodies that. The sun setting on a summer's evening. The birds roosting for the night.
Birds will probably be a current theme in my blog!!
Now that my shop is gone I am looking forward to being able to play more and craft for myself, something I have not done for a long time.
I hope you will leave a comment if you like anything you see. 


  1. Lovely to see you blogging and still crafting :)

    Tracy x

  2. Hi Tracy
    Yes I am attempting to blog and craft.
    Siobhan x

  3. Hi Siobhan
    Great to see your blog up and running - all this is new to me, my first post on a blog.
    The retreat sounds lovely - how many people
    Isobel ;-)

  4. Hi Isobel
    There were just 12 of us, which was a nice number. Linda and I are going to try and arrange something similar in Perth. Michelle and Janet (the orgainisers) were both keen to come upto Scotland.

  5. Hi Siobhan !!!! YAY !!! So glad to see your blog up and running - and the title made me laugh out loud, so perfect !! I am bookmarking you for lots of return visits - and I'd love you to visit mine (if you have time!) After all, it's all your fault... !!
    Margaret C

  6. Hi Margaret
    Great to hear from you! Thanks for the fab card you left in the shop for me. I have added your blog to my blog list. What a great way to keep in touch with my crafty friends!!
    Siobhan x


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate them.
Siobhan x

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