Friday, 8 April 2011

One Dirty Dog

This is Rory our 11 year old Westie. He is not normally as dirty as this, but he has just been digging in the garden, in the rain and now looking a bit sheepish. He has a heart mumour, is diabetic, has cataracts and is partially blind, he has eczema and itchy ears - but he is such a wee character and we love him to bits!!

Our other dog is Alfie. He is young, energetic, mad as a hatter but idolizes Rory and keeps him on his toes. A bit of a contrast, but they are great pals!

 Sorry, no crafty offerings today but thought you would like to meet my dogs!!

PS  Rory normally looks more like this :-

I think I will have a go at the Stamp Man Challenge this weekend. If I come up with something I will post it over the weekend.


  1. Gorgeous little fellows Siobhan - such cuties x brilliant to see your blog too and looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous crafting. You are one talented lady and I am going to share your link on my blog x

  2. Hi Janet
    Thanks for the lovely comments. As you can probably see I follow your blog too! It was yourself and Michelle talking about your blogs at the retreat that inspired me to have a go myself.
    Keep up the good work
    Siobhan x


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate them.
Siobhan x

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