Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Card for Paul

My son Paul has a birthday next week. He will be 26.....how old does that make me feel!! He might be a grown man but he is still my wee boy. Well not so wee .. he is over 6ft tall!!
He is going to Canada soon for work experience and some travelling for a year or so. Although he has talked about it for ages, now that it is going to happen I find my self welling up. I guess that's what mother's do. It's not that I see him that often as he works in Glasgow. But that's only an hour away. I am  of course very proud that he is going off to see a bit of the world and experience new things. 
So I made his card to reflect his new adventure!!

I am going to make him a travel journal to take with him...better start it soon!!

The steampunk hot air balloon is from a great Indigo Blu set called "Grand Tour III"

Better get back to the ironing .....


  1. What a lovely card - I am sure he will love it.

  2. What a fabulous card, Siobhan! I love the steampunk panel and all the details, which you do so beautifully. I'm sure Paul will be absolutely thrilled with it!
    Lin x

  3. Siobhan, this is FAB lainey x

  4. Wow what a great card. I'm sure he'll love it! Weird to see the balloon is indigo blue as I have the same image but it's Tim Holtz. Just goes to show......
    Have fun and we look forward to seeing you on Friday!

  5. chin up! lovely as always,

  6. Gorgeous card! Makes me think I really should try to do a 'man' card! x

  7. I felt myself welling up on your behalf! I am sure he'll have an amazing time and I absolutely adore his card - it is stunning!

  8. Siobhan, Paul will love this .
    I love it , the colour and the whole vintage feel.
    Well done
    Hugs Elaine

  9. Fabulous card Siobhan, great images and a great embossed panel. Love the little metal embellishments.
    Avril x

  10. A fabulous card Siobhan - Paul will love it.
    I know what you are going through with your son going away. My daughter is 27 and when she was 22 she went travelling aroound the world on her own for a year. She had a wonderful time as I'm sure Paul will. The year soon goes.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate them.
Siobhan x

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