Sunday 22 July 2012

Not Much Crafting

Well it has been quite a few weeks. My son Paul left last Sunday on the start of his big adventure to Canada. I would love to say it all went smoothly. But true to form and his laid back nature, the last couple of weeks before Paul left were truly memorable!! He has left a trail of devastation which will take us some considerable time to sort out!! But by the skin of his teeth he got his flight last Sunday. At least I was spared a lengthy and tearful goodbye. And thanks to facebook I know he is still alive and well and made it to Atlanta in time for his best friend's wedding.
So this weekend I have just been a bit shell shocked and not getting much done. So I thought I would share a few of my holiday photos from the beautiful Hebridian island of South Harris.

View from our holiday cottage

Seals just below cottage

Alfie playing ball on the beach

Seilbost beach

Rory and Graham  

An amazing sky one night just before sunset

Oyster Catcher taking off
Scarista Beach

Mol Ban - our home for a fortnight

Binoculars and a glass of wine - my favourite seat!!
I love the Scottish Islands. They are a great place to go to unwind!!
Siobhan x


  1. Siobhan what a stunning place to stay , fab photos Canada isn't so far away with Facebook and things . hope all goes well for your son in his move abroad Hugs Elaine

  2. What would we do without Facebook!!
    Hope you start to feel slightly less shell shocked soon.
    hugs Kimx

  3. stunning pictures Siobhan xx No wonder you can unwind surrounded by such beauty xx

  4. What wonderful photos Siobhan. Looks like an idyllic place to stay. Could do with some of that right now!!

  5. It looks lovely, but you made me laugh with the tag on the photo of hubby and dog. I really think Graham should have some first for once!

  6. what a gorgeous place hun love it love it love it - loving your lovely photos

  7. Ooh, what a glorious cottage with fantastic views - am SO envious. I need to go to a place like this - wonderful. There must be so much wildlife to see and you certainly got the weather - must be wild when it's wet and cold. Off to do a search. Hope all is well with your son - you have my symnpathies... I have a couple of those, too x


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate them.
Siobhan x

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